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getrealRecreational skiers hailing from Red Mountain have always been revered for their speed. Why? Well, ski racing in Canada started on these very slopes back in 1897 when Olaus Jeldness organized a mass-start race down Red into Rossland. And that passion has never gone away.

Since 1948, Red Mountain Racers, and its predecessor the Red Mountain Ski Club, have put 38 athletes on Canada’s National Ski Team. Twelve of these athletes have competed at the Olympics, with two (Nancy Greene Raine and Kerrin Lee-Gartner) capturing Gold!

For 6 consecutive Olympics, starting with Sarajevo in 1984, and concluding with Salt Lake in 2002, at least one Red Mountain Racer was there to carry Canada’s hopes on the slopes. In 2011, another Red Mountain Racer, Sasha Zaitsoff, became a member of the Canadian National Ski Team.

We have a very proud history to build on and a fantastic future to look towards. For many years, Red Mountain racers have produced more National team members than any other club in Canada. Today we have dedicated and talented youth reaching for their goals and poised to greet the world with the next Olympics. You can be part of this racing history by training at Red Mountain.

The Red Mountain Racers and RED Mountain Resort annually host a variety of races. In 2018 we hosted the Canadian National Technical and Ski Cross Championships. For the 2019 ski season RED will be hosting the BC Cup FIS Race Series March 6-10.

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